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detail B444043 Computer data acquisition and virtual instrumentation FCHI 444 winter s.:0/15, MC [HS] winter no
detail B445053 Advanced MATLAB course and introduction to image analysis FCHI 446 summer s.:0/15, MC [HS] summer no
detail B445054 Data mining methods FCHI 446 0/10, C [HS] both no
detail B445055 Relational databases and data correlation FCHI 446 0/15, C [HS] both no
detail CZV413001 Basics of mathematics for bachelors FCHI 446 4/0, Ex [HT] both no
detail CZV444001 Basics of physics for bachelors FCHI 444 summer s.:4/0, Ex [HT] summer no
detail M403065 Parallel programming in OpenMP, MPI, and CUDA FCHI 403 summer s.:0/10, C [HS] summer no
detail M403066 Modern methods of molecular modelling FCHI 403 winter s.:0/15, C [HS] winter no
detail M409064 Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics FCHI 409 summer s.:0/20, MC [HS] summer no
detail M413041 Mathematica FCHI 446 summer s.:0/15, C [HS] summer no
detail M445053 Parallel and distributed data processing in Java and C# (e-course) FCHI 446 winter s.:0/10, MC [HS] winter no
Results 1-11 of 11 1