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Teachers, academic year 2021/2022

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Rada Miroslav Ing. CSc.
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Faculty: Faculty of Chemical Technology
Department: Department of Glass and Ceramics (107) - external specialist
Parent department: ()
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detail M107011 Technology of Glass winter winter s.:4/1, C+Ex [HT] 107 FCHT
detail M111015 Specialized Laboratory of drug production winter winter s.:0/10, MC [HT] 111 FCHT
detail M107012 Specialized laboratory – anorganic non-metallic materials winter winter s.:0/10, MC [HT] 107 FCHT
detail M150001 Specialised Practice summer summer s.:0/0, C [HT] 111 FCHT
detail M150008 Laboratory Project of Programm SVL I summer summer s.:0/10, MC [HT] 111 FCHT
detail B107008 Laboratory of chemistry and technology of inorganic non-metallic materials winter winter s.:0/6, MC [HT] 107 FCHT