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Teachers, academic year 2021/2022
Čadek Drahomír Ing. Ph.D.
Address: Technická 5, A 217, Praha 6 - Dejvice
Phone: 220443803
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Department: Department of Polymers (112)
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detail B112003 Characterization Methods for Polymeric Materials winter winter s.:2/2 C+Ex [HT] 112
detail CZV00012 Laboratory for Secondary Schools both 0/2 other [HT] 940
detail B112006 Laboratory of chemistry and technology of polymeric materials winter winter s.:0/6 MC [HT] 112
detail M150003 Laboratory Project Chemistry and Technology of Materials II winter winter s.:0/12 MC [HT] 150
detail B106007 Materials and technologies in automotive industry summer summer s.:3/0 Ex [HT] 106
detail AV963004 Project B both 0/15 MC [HT] 974
detail AM101020 Specialization Laboratory Course – Materials winter winter s.:0/10 MC [HT] 101
detail M106014 Specialized laboratory – biomaterials winter winter s.:0/10 MC [HT] 106
detail M112015 Specialized laboratory - macromolecular chemistry winter winter s.:0/10 MC [HT] 112
detail M108009 Specialized laboratory – materials in forensic chemistry winter winter s.:0/10 MC [HT] 108
detail M112011 Specialized laboratory – polymeric materials winter winter s.:0/10 MC [HT] 112