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Course, academic year 2023/2024
Fundamentals of Procurement - AB501098
Title: Fundamentals of Procurement
Guaranteed by: Department of Economics and Management (837)
Faculty: Central University Departments of UCT Prague
Actual: from 2023 to 2023
Semester: summer
Points: summer s.:3
E-Credits: summer s.:3
Examination process: summer s.:
Hours per week, examination: summer s.:0/2, MC [HT]
Capacity: unknown / unlimited (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
State of the course: taught
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
Note: course can be enrolled in outside the study plan
enabled for web enrollment
Guarantor: Vašek Jan PhDr. Bc. MSc. et MSc.
This subject contains the following additional online materials
The aim of the course is to provide the necessary knowledge to understand the benefits and challenges of the B2B procurement, conduct business-to-business procurement on the junior level, and get acquainted with the basic models and tools necessary for the resolution of practical procuremet problems.
Last update: Scholleová Hana (16.10.2023)
Aim of the course

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to: understand the benefits and challenges of B2B procurement; apply procurement procedures in the company; gain basic knowledge of procurement tools and processes; find and interpret information relevant for resolving specific procurement problems; be able to leverage the acquired knowledge to a wide range of management problems.

Last update: Scholleová Hana (16.10.2023)

Lysons, K., & Farrington, B. (2020). Procurement and supply chain management. Pearson UK.

Jackson, P. (2021) 102 Models of Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Cambridge Academic.

Burt, D.N. et al. (2020) Proactive Purchasing in the Supply Chain: The Key to World-Class Procurement, McGraw-Hill Professional.

Baily, P. (2015) Procurement, Principles & Management, Pearson.

Last update: Scholleová Hana (16.10.2023)

1. What buyers do

2. Procurement process

3. Buyer skills development

4. Category management

5. Cost analysis

6. Management persuation

7. Negotiation

8. Internal customers

9. Conflict- resolution

10. Crisis management

11. Unethical employee behavior

12. Appraisal interview

13. Working with supervisor

14. Is procurement for you?

Last update: Scholleová Hana (16.10.2023)
Course completion requirements

Active participation and online tests from the required paper and case study (minimum 30/50 points)

Exam in the form of an essay (minimum 25/50 points)

Last update: Scholleová Hana (16.10.2023)