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Course, academic year 2019/2020
Organic Technology for PhD students - AP111006
Title: Organic Technology for PhD students
Guaranteed by: Department of Organic Technology (111)
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical Technology
Actual: from 2019
Semester: both
Points: 0
E-Credits: 0
Examination process:
Hours per week, examination: 3/0, other [HT]
Capacity: winter:unknown / unknown (unknown)
summer:unknown / unknown (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
For type: doctoral
Note: can be fulfilled in the future
you can enroll for the course in winter and in summer semester
Guarantor: Vyskočilová Eliška doc. Ing. Ph.D.
Interchangeability : P111006
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Annotation -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (19.11.2018)
This subject follows the topics from "Basic resources for chemical and pharmaceutical industry", "Catalysis", "Chemicals reactors", "Organic technology" and "Fine chemicals". Chosen processes starting from raw materials and ending at final product will be described. The main aim will be on the most important steps of all operations and advanced processes of organic technology.
Aim of the course -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (19.11.2018)

Students will know:

how to design the appropriate catalyst and reactor type for chosen process

to be oriented in basic processes of industry of organic technology

describe the reaction and reaction arrangement in the production of basic monomers and fine chemicals

Literature -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (19.11.2018)

Moulijn J.A., Makkee M., Van Diepen A.: Chemical Process Technology, John Wiley, 2. vydání, 2013, ISBN: 978-1-444-32025-1

Learning resources -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (19.11.2018)

Teaching methods -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (19.11.2018)

lectures, preparation of the project based on topic of disertation thesis

Syllabus -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (19.11.2018)

This subject deals with following topics:

1. Raw materials for processes of organic technology

2. Equilibrium od hydrogenation-dehydrogenation reactions, mass and heat transport in batch reactors

3. Oxidations - mechanisms, kinetics and reactors, mass and heat transport in flow reactors

4. Halogenation in organic technology - reactors for chlorinations and chlorine production

5. Production of sulfates and sulfonates

6. Production of nitrocompounds

7. Acid catalyzed reactions - esterifications, hydrolysis and amonolysis, alkylation, izomeration

8. Homologation, carbonylation, hydroformylation

9. Chosen industrial processes

10. Preparation and use of important monomers

11. Preparation and use of important intermediates for fine chemicals

Course completion requirements -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (19.11.2018)

Preparation and defense of project connected with oral examination