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Course, academic year 2023/2024
Special sensory analysis - D323028
Title: Speciální senzorická analýza
Guaranteed by: Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition (323)
Faculty: Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
Actual: from 2016
Semester: both
Points: 0
E-Credits: 0
Examination process:
Hours per week, examination: 0/0, other [HT]
Capacity: winter:unknown / unknown (unknown)
summer:unknown / unknown (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
Language: Czech
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
For type:  
Note: course is intended for doctoral students only
can be fulfilled in the future
you can enroll for the course in winter and in summer semester
Guarantor: Panovská Zdeňka doc. Dr. Ing.
Doležal Marek doc. Dr. Ing.
Annotation -
Last update: Panovská Zdeňka doc. Dr. Ing. (31.03.2014)
Special sensory analysis will deepen the knowledges of the basic course, but will focus more on practical use, evaluation and work panel, evaluating data and new findings.
Aim of the course -
Last update: Panovská Zdeňka doc. Dr. Ing. (31.03.2014)

Student will be able to:

Design a sensory evaluation

Select the method

Prepare evaluation panel

Process evaluation results

Prepare a final report on the evaluation

Literature -
Last update: Panovská Zdeňka doc. Dr. Ing. (31.03.2014)

teacherś presentation and book

1. Lawless, H.T. and Heymann, H. 1998. Sensory Evaluation of

Food: Principles and Practices, Chapman & Hall, NY

Syllabus -
Last update: Panovská Zdeňka doc. Dr. Ing. (31.03.2014)

1. Defining a sensory problem

2. Perception of sensory modalities

3. Sensory evaluation in quality control

4. Overall difference testing

5. Discriminative testing

6. Attribute difference testing

7. Threshold determination

8. Training of assessors

9. Discriminative testing of dairy product

10.Discriminative testing of meat product

10.Discriminative testing of bakery product

11. Sensory evaluation of packaging materials

12. Consumer testing: Quantitative and Qualitative methods

13. Relating instrumental to sensory data

14. St1atistical analysis of data

Exam I (1 hr)

Lecture 4:

Lecture 5: Attribute difference testing

Lecture 6: Threshold determination

Lecture 7: Developing a sensory evaluation program

Exam II (1 hr)

Lecture 8: Descriptive analysis

Lecture 9: Con

EXAM III (1hr)

Lecture 10:

Lecture 11:

Lecture 13: Statistical Designs

Registration requirements -
Last update: Panovská Zdeňka doc. Dr. Ing. (31.03.2014)

there are none

Course completion requirements -
Last update: Panovská Zdeňka doc. Dr. Ing. (31.03.2014)

Oral exam and practical assessment

Coursework assessment
Form Significance
Regular attendance 30
Report from individual projects 20
Oral examination 50