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Course, academic year 2021/2022
Cultivation Techniques and Modeling of Bioprocesses - M319022
Title: Kultivační techniky a modelování bioprocesů
Guaranteed by: Department of Biotechnology (319)
Faculty: Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
Actual: from 2019
Semester: winter
Points: winter s.:7
E-Credits: winter s.:7
Examination process: winter s.:
Hours per week, examination: winter s.:1/7, MC [HT]
Capacity: unlimited / unlimited (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
Language: Czech
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
For type: Master's (post-Bachelor)
Guarantor: Karabín Marcel Ing. Ph.D.
Class: Základní laboratoře
Interchangeability : N319040
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Annotation -
Last update: Hladíková Jana (20.12.2017)
The purpose of this course is to acquire complex skills which enable to plan, prepare and carry out experiments and evaluate both on-line and off-line data gained in the process. The data are then used for matematical modelling of these processes.
Aim of the course -
Last update: Hladíková Jana (20.12.2017)

Students will be able to carry out:

Long term storage of strains, inoculum preparation

Experiments planning, cultivation in shaken flasks and bioreactors, production of primary and/or secondary metabolites

Analytical procedures used in biotechnology

Data evaluation

Modelling of bioprocesses

Literature -
Last update: Karabín Marcel Ing. Ph.D. (12.09.2023)

R: Moo-Young M.: Comprehensive biotechnology, Elsevier B.V., 2011, ISBN: 9780080885049

R: Scragg A.: Environmental Biotechnology, Oxford University Press, 2005, ISBN: 0-19-926867-3

R: Basařová G., Šavel J., Basař P., Lejsek T.: Pivovarství: Teorie a praxe výroby piva, VŠCHT Praha (2. vydání, 2021), ISBN: 978-80-87109-71-7

Learning resources -
Last update: Karabín Marcel Ing. Ph.D. (25.01.2018)

Syllabus -
Last update: Karabín Marcel Ing. Ph.D. (13.09.2023)

1. Medium and inoculum preparation, long term storage of strains (glycerol stocks, deep freezing, agar plates, freeze drying)

2. Determination of KLa, bioreactor set up, calibration of probes, sterilization

3. Application of molecular biology techniques in biotechnology, production of recombinant proteins, analysis of the product

4. Solid state cultivation, determination of microbial growth

5. Malting process, malt quality evaluation

6. Brewing process, preparation of wort, inoculation, process monitoring and evaluation

7. Monitoring the formation of bacterial biofilm and the effect of active substances on its adhesion and eradication

8. Preparation and application of the biostimulant, evaluation of the effect on plants by using a 3D scanner and a multispectral camera

9. Phase flow characterization

10. Process balancing

11. Programming language and its use in practice

12. Modelling of biotechnological processes

13. Individual project - data evaluation

14. Presentation of induvidual projects

Registration requirements -
Last update: Karabín Marcel Ing. Ph.D. (13.09.2023)

Fundamentals of Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology

Course completion requirements -
Last update: Karabín Marcel Ing. Ph.D. (11.01.2018)

Participation in practical lessons

Elaboration of reports from individual tasks

Presentation of the final project

Teaching methods
Activity Credits Hours
Konzultace s vyučujícími 0.7 20
Účast v laboratořích (na exkurzi nebo praxi) 2 56
Obhajoba individuálního projektu 0.2 6
Účast na přednáškách 0.5 14
Příprava na přednášky, semináře, laboratoře, exkurzi nebo praxi 1.3 36
Práce na individuálním projektu 1.3 36
Účast na seminářích 1 28
7 / 7 196 / 196