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Course, academic year 2021/2022
Techniques of Measurement and Interpretation of Mass Spectra - M402010
Title: Techniky měření a interpretace hmotnostních spekter
Guaranteed by: Department of Analytical Chemistry (402)
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Actual: from 2019 to 2021
Semester: winter
Points: winter s.:2
E-Credits: winter s.:2
Examination process: winter s.:
Hours per week, examination: winter s.:1/0, Ex [HT]
Capacity: unlimited / unknown (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
Language: Czech
Teaching methods: full-time
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Note: course can be enrolled in outside the study plan
enabled for web enrollment
Guarantor: Sýkora David doc. RNDr. Dr.
Interchangeability : N402029
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Annotation -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)
Principles of mass spectrometry will be provided including description of hardware and software. Basic principles of ion fragmentation will be explained and interpretation of MS spectra generated by electron ionization will be covered in more detail. Current ion sources, analyzators, and detectors will be discussed. Hyphenated techniques, specifically, GC-MS and LC-MS will be covered.
Aim of the course -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)

Students will know:

Basic principles of mass spectrometry including knowledge of hardware and software, knowledge of hyphenated techniques namely GC-MS, LC-MS, basic knowledge of MS spectra interpretation (generated by electron ionization).

Literature -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)

R: H.C.Hill: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry, Heyden & Son Ltd, London 1972

A: Fred W. McLafferty, František Tureček: Interpretation of Mass Spectra, University Science Books, Sausalito, California 1993, ISBN 0-935702-25-3, Fourth Edition

Learning resources -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)

Presentations in electronic format available for students on the intranet.

Teaching methods -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)

Presentations and excursion within the department.

Requirements to the exam -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)

Written test.

Syllabus -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)

1. Principles of mass spectrometry, history of mass spectrometry.

2. Ionization techniques, ion separation and their detection.

3. Sector MS instruments and high resolution.

4. Quadrupole, time-of-flight, and FT MS instruments.

5. Gass chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), principles.

6. Interpretation of EI spectra of organic molecules, molecular ion, fragments.

7. Fragmentation mechanism, isotopic clusters.

8. EI spectra of selected compounds - hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, acids, and ethers.

9. EI spectra of selected compounds - compounds containing N, S, B, and metals.

10. Interpretation of real MS spectra, MS libraries, TIC a SIM chromatograms.

11. Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, ionization under atmospheric pressure.

Entry requirements -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)

Basic knowledge of analytical chemistry (ACH1 and ACH2) is necessary.

Registration requirements -
Last update: Pátková Vlasta (05.01.2018)

Basic knowledge of analytical chemistry (ACH1 and ACH2) is necessary.

Teaching methods
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