Introduction to Mineralogy - N108003
Title: Úvod do mineralogie
Guaranteed by: Department of Solid State Chemistry (108)
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical Technology
Actual: from 2021
Semester: winter
Points: winter s.:3
E-Credits: winter s.:3
Examination process: winter s.:
Hours per week, examination: winter s.:2/0, Ex [HT]
Capacity: unknown / unknown (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
State of the course: cancelled
Language: Czech
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
Is provided by: B108001
Guarantor: Doušová Barbora doc. Ing. CSc.
Is interchangeable with: B108001
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Annotation -
The course is focused on the study of minerals structure, properties and occurence. Students will know general terms as mineralogy, petrology, geology and geochemistry. Next part is concentrated on crystalography - submission of minerals to crystalographical system, crystal symetry, real crystal. The lectures are going through chemical and physical properties of minerals from the point of view of their occurence, properties and possible use as mineral resources. The part of the course deals with the mineralogical system, the submission of minerals to mineralogical classes and the identification of important minerals available in industrial and technological applications.
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Aim of the course -

Students will be able to:

distinquish natural crystalline compounds and characterize their properties

determine basic crystalographic insertion and symetry of common minerals

estimate the origin of minerals, their stability and behaviour in natural systems based on their physical and chemical properties

insert common minerals to the mineralogical system

Last update: TAJ108 (28.08.2013)
Literature -

R:Nesse W.D., Introduction to Mineralogy, Oxford Univ. Press, New York, 2000, 0195106911

R:Keller E.A., Introduction to Environmental Geology, Pearson Education Inc., USA, 2005, 0131447645

Last update: TAJ108 (28.08.2013)
Learning resources -

Introduction to Mineralogy (electronic textbook, MSM:

lectures to the course - disc S:\BD-Min

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Requirements to the exam - Czech

ústní zkouška

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Syllabus -

1. Introduction to Mineralogy - definition of mineral, geology and petrography

2. Crystal structure

3. Minerals properties

4. Crystalographical system - symetry

5. Systematic mineralogy - genesis and abundance of minerals

6. Minerals clasification - elements

7. Sulfides

8. Halides

9. Oxides

10. Carbonates, Borates

11. Sulfates, Phosphates

12. Silicates and Aluminosilicates

13. Organic minerals

14. Anthropogenic impact to biosphere, industrial utilization of minerals

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Registration requirements -

General and Inorganic Chemistry I

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Teaching methods
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Příprava na zkoušku a její absolvování 1.5 42
2 / 3 42 / 84
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Regular attendance 15
Oral examination 85