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Course, academic year 2023/2024
Malting Technology - N319012
Title: Sladařství
Guaranteed by: Department of Biotechnology (319)
Faculty: Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
Actual: from 2021
Semester: summer
Points: summer s.:4
E-Credits: summer s.:4
Examination process: summer s.:
Hours per week, examination: summer s.:2/1, C+Ex [HT]
Capacity: unknown / unknown (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
Language: Czech
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
Is provided by: M319008
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Additional information:
Guarantor: Dostálek Pavel prof. Ing. CSc.
Is interchangeable with: M319008
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Annotation -
Last update: TAJ319 (26.08.2013)
The aim of the course is to introduce the students to malting process, which consists of steeping, germination and kilning. The focus will be mainly on the production of barley malt, wheat malt, but also and other types of malts produced from non-traditional cereals. The course includes other brewing ingredients - water and hops (hop products prepared hops, hop extract).
Aim of the course -
Last update: TAJ319 (26.08.2013)

Students will be able to:

Understand the issues within the scope of the syllabus.

Design technologies for production of various types of malt and create specifications for the use of hop preprates and water.

Literature -
Last update: Dostálek Pavel prof. Ing. CSc. (18.08.2013)

R:Basařová G., Šavel J., Basař P., Lejsek T.: Pivovarství: Teorie a praxe výroby piva, VŠCHT Praha (1. vydání, 2010), ISBN: 978-80-7080-734-7

R:Kosař K., Procházka S. a kol.: Technologie výroby sladu a piva, Výzkumný ústav pivovarský a sladařský a.s., Praha 2000, ISBN 80-902658-6-3.

A:Kunze W.: Technology Brewing and Malting, 4th Edition, VLB Berlin 2010, ISBN: 978-3-921690-64-2

Learning resources -
Last update: Dostálek Pavel prof. Ing. CSc. (18.08.2013)

Syllabus -
Last update: Dostálek Pavel prof. Ing. CSc. (18.08.2013)

1) History, trends and prospects for malting. Capacity. Overview of raw materials.

2) Water - composition, legislation, regulation. Technological reactions of ions in water.

3) Hops - a plant chemical composition changes during storage and processing.

4) Hop products - pellets, extracts, chemically modified products.

5) Barley - botany, varieties, physiology of barley grain.

6) Barley - barley grain chemical composition, technological properties.

7) Malting process - a principle, block diagrams, technological processes.

8) Grain(barley) intake, cleaning and storage of barley. Theory and practice of steeping barley.

9) Theory of germinating barley, physiological and chemical changes of barley grain.

10)Technology of germination - classical and modern malting technologies.

11)Theory of kilning of green malt, physiological and chemical changes of grain during kilning.

12)Technology kilning - classical and modern technologies.

13)Qualitative characteristics of malt. Types of malts. Technical control. Wastes from malting.

14)Technical control and legislation. Waste Treatment.

Registration requirements -
Last update: Dostálek Pavel prof. Ing. CSc. (18.08.2013)

Chemical Engineering

Teaching methods
Activity Credits Hours
Účast na přednáškách 1 28
Příprava na přednášky, semináře, laboratoře, exkurzi nebo praxi 1 28
Příprava na zkoušku a její absolvování 1.5 42
Účast na seminářích 0.5 14
4 / 4 112 / 112
Coursework assessment
Form Significance
Regular attendance 10
Examination test 60
Oral examination 30