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Course, academic year 2019/2020
Molecular Spectroscopy - S402015
Title: Molecular Spectroscopy
Guaranteed by: Department of Analytical Chemistry (402)
Faculty: Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Actual: from 2019 to 2019
Semester: summer
Points: summer s.:4
E-Credits: summer s.:4
Examination process: summer s.:
Hours per week, examination: summer s.:2/1, Ex [HT]
Capacity: unknown / unknown (unknown)
Min. number of students: unlimited
Language: English
Teaching methods: full-time
Teaching methods: full-time
Is provided by: AM402005
For type:  
Guarantor: Urban Štěpán prof. RNDr. CSc.
Is interchangeable with: AM402005
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Syllabus - Czech
Last update: KNOBLOCL (12.03.2012)

1. Introduction. Population of quantum states. Einstein theory of spectral transitions. Planck law.

2. Equation of radiation tranfer and its special cases. Theoretical priciples of kvantitative analysis.

3. Theory of spectroscopic experiment and basic principles of experimental spectroscopy.

4. Radiation sources, detectors, optical materials and other elements of spectrospy instruments.

5. Molecular spectroscopy, common theoretical background. Born-Oppenheimer aproximation

6. Microwave spectroscopy. Rotational spectroscopy and structure of molecules.

7. Vibration spectroscopy. Cartesian coordinates and symetry coordinates

8. Chemical aplication of IR and Raman spectroscopy. Analytical aplications

9. Application of group theory in spectroscopy

10. NMR and ESR spectroscopy

11. Quantum chemistry principles. Energy levels of electrons. Transitions types.

12. Electronic spectroscopy. Qualitative and quantitative analysis.

13. Photoelectron spectroscopy (UPS, XPS, ESCA)

14. Advanced spectroscopy applications