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Teachers, academic year 2018/2019
Janda Václav prof. Ing. CSc.
Phone: 220443051
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Department: Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering (217)
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detail N453019 Laboratory Project I summer summer s.:0/7 MC [HT] 453
detail N453020 Laboratory Project II winter winter s.:0/10 MC [HT] 453
detail N453018 Forensic Chemistry: Laboratory winter winter s.:0/6 MC [HT] 402
detail N217021 Water Technology: Laboratory winter winter s.:0/8 MC [HT] 217
detail N218080 Specialised Internship summer summer s.:0/0 C [HT] 218
detail S963001 Project A winter winter s.:0/30 MC [HT] 974
detail S963001A Project A summer summer s.:0/30 MC [HT] 974
detail N251011 Project of the study programme Environmental Technology winter winter s.:0/4 MC [HT] 251
detail N217029 Water Technology: Pre-diploma Seminar winter winter s.:0/2 MC [HT] 217
detail N217036 Water Technology: Project II winter winter s.:0/7 MC [HT] 217
detail S217014 Special Methods in Water Analysis summer summer s.:2/1 Ex [HT] 217
detail N217014 Special Methods in Water Analysis winter winter s.:2/0 Ex [HT] 217
detail N217008 Water Treatment both 2/0 Ex [HT] 217
detail D217009 Water Treatment winter winter s.:0/0 other [HT] 217
detail N217033 Water in Industrial Pharmacy winter winter s.:2/0 Ex [HT] 217
detail N217012 Drinking Water Treatment and Supply winter winter s.:3/2 C+Ex [HT] 217
detail S217005 Water Supply and Treatment summer summer s.:3/2 Ex [HT] 217
detail S217008 Water Treatment summer summer s.:2/0 Ex [HT] 217