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detail AMI00701 Batteries, Fuel Cells and Electrolysers zimní zimní s.:2/3 Z+Zk [HT] I007
detail AMI00702 Membranes for Gas Separation zimní zimní s.:1/5 KZ [HT] I007
detail AMI00703 Multi-component Mass Transport in Water Treatment zimní zimní s.:1/5 Z+Zk [HT] I007
detail AMI00707 Individual Project 3 - Energy and Environment zimní zimní s.:0/10 KZ [HT] I007
detail AMI00705 Microfluidic Concepts and Devices zimní zimní s.:1/3 Z+Zk [HT] I007
detail AMI00706 *Dutch Language and Culture zimní zimní s.:2/1 Z+Zk [HT] I007
detail AMI00704 Membrane Process Plant Design zimní zimní s.:2/6 KZ [HT] I007