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    Study Chemistry or Food technology at faculties:

    Faculty of Chemical Technology

    Faculty of Environmental Technology

    Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology

    Faculty of Chemical Engineering

    For studies at the School of Business, select "University of Chemistry and Technology" in the "Faculty" column.

    LLL programmes

    With the LLL programmes button, you can search in a broad spectrum of the LLL programmes offered by the faculties. Short- and long-term programmes are offered. The LLL programmes are divided into two basic groups: interest and profession-oriented.

    Create a new application

    You can submit your electronic application for study by clicking on the Create a new application button. Before submitting your application, you will be asked to register with an e-mail address. This address will serve as a login during the whole admission procedure. You can also register by clicking on the "Login" button (on the upper right hand side). Before filling in the application, please read the instructions and information about personal data first.