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Hydrobiology and Microbiology-Laboratory - S217019
Anglický název: Hydrobiology and Microbiology-Laboratory
Zajišťuje: Ústav technologie vody a prostředí (217)
Platnost: od 2011
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Poslední úprava: TAJ217 (11.02.2014)
On the basis of this long tradition even in the present Czech Drinking Water Standard, microbiological (=bacteriological) criteria, based upon the laboratory cultivation technique, and biological (=hydrobiological) criteria, based predominantly upon direct microscopic examinations of water samples. The occurrence of undesirable aquatic organisms in distribution systems of drinking water, causing aesthetic, technological and hygienic problems, is a well-known phenomenon. With the increasing drinking water demand more eutrophicated surface water resources have been utilized for drinking water processing, often without the adequate separation of plankton biomass. Other problems are solved in surface waters, mainly presence and characterization of periphyton. Specification of biological study, co-operation with other areas (chemistry, technology, etc.). Study of organisms, specification and characterization of cell (eucaryotic and procaryotic), non-cells organisms (viruses), taxonomy. Detailed specifications of organisms - alga, cyanobacteria, protozoans, metazoans (determinations). Types and sorts of waters (surface, underground, standing and flowing) from the biological point of view, biocenosis of organisms (adaptations).Eutrophication, water blooms, cyanotoxins, problems of open air pools. Biological problems of industrial cooling circuits and air-conditioning systems, waste waters and so on. Methods of cultivations and specific indicators of water quality.
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Poslední úprava: KNOBLOCL (10.04.2012)

1st Information about microscope and techniques

2nd Specification of organisms (alga, micromycetes, protozoans, metazoans

3rd Methods of sampling, analyzes, Norms in biology

4th Applications of microscopy in water treatmnet technology

5th Evaluation of waters (surface and raw), periphyton

6th Applications of microscopy in waste water technology treatmnet

7th Saprobity, index of saprobity, evaluation of sludges, toxicity

8th Work and study in microbiology laboratories

9th Cultivation techniques (aerobic and anaerobic)

10th Applications of microbiology and techniques in water technology treatment

11th Indicators of hygienic assurance of water, of water quality etc..

12th Applications of microbiology and techniques in waste water technology treatment, agar dishes and indicators

13th Antibiotics

14th Microtests