Termíny zkoušek - přihlašování <sup>2</sup>Termíny zkoušek - přihlašování 2(verze: 194)
Zapisování do roku 2020/2021 letní
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Garant termínu :Ústav ekonomiky a managementu (837)
Datum :05.01.2021 - Úterý
Hodina :15:50
Konec :05.01.2021
Odhlásit do :04.01.2021 10:00
Zápis do :04.01.2021 10:00
Učitel :Čámská Dagmar Ing. Ph.D.
Kapacita :9
Počet přihlášených :3
Poznámka :Online via E-learning + MS Team, details in information
Informace :The test will be available in E-learning at 4 pm Central European time. 10 minutes earlier the student should be logged in to the MS Team. It is necessary to have active webcam and prepared ID for identification.

The test consists of exercises which should be solved step by step (50% of points) and the exercises which are evaluated by the system (50% of points). There are different kinds of exercises - sentence answer, computations with provided solution, computations where student just writes the number as a result, multiple choice questions, true/false questions.
Multiple choice questions can have more answers correct. If correct and incorrect answers are selected 0 point is received. If one correct answer of two correct in total is selected 50% of points is received.
I recommend to set up e-learning into English because the system provides instructions about question (do not leave it in Czech).

What to have prepared?
It is useful to have pen, paper(s), calculator.
Although you do not provide the full solution of several exercises it could be helpful to write also the computing process down for these exercises. You can make notes.
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Zkoušené předměty
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AB501002 Business Economics 2020/2021 zimní Z

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Seznam přihlášených studentů
Jméno Předmět Rok Semestr Typ Datum přihlášení
1. Raj Rahul Business Economics (AB501002) 2020/2021 zimní zápočet 18.12.2020 18:41:00
2. Xia Zijie Business Economics (AB501002) 2020/2021 zimní zápočet 20.12.2020 20:10:24
3. Sun Yu Business Economics (AB501002) 2020/2021 zimní zápočet 26.12.2020 22:34:21